Central Academy Fees

Registration Fee:
$300 per student ($200 per student if signed before April 1st)

1 student:   $4,000.00/year
2 students: $7,700.00/year
3 students: $9,500.00/year
Each additional student: No tuition for children living in the same household.

Printable Tuition Contract

Covers students' admission into school home sporting events and activities.

Paid in full discount (by July 1): 3%

Book Fee:
$150/student due by 6/3

Building Fee:
$300/student due by 7/1

Patrons are required to contribute to our fall and spring raffles. The tickets can be purchased by the patrons individually or sold to family and friends. Each ticket is $20.

1 child $400 and $100 for each additional child (Fall) and $300/family (Spring)
2 children $400 and $100 for each additional child(Fall) and $300/family (Spring)
3 children and above $400 and $100 for each additional child (Fall) and $300/family (Spring)

Please turn in all raffle tickets and money to the office when all of your tickets have been sold.(See Tuition and Fees Schedule for full details.)

Athletic Fee:
Students participating in Junior High and High School sports (including cheerleading) will be assessed a $50.00 Booster Club fee. Only 1 Booster Club fee will be charged per student per year regardless of the number of sports the player participates in.

Late Fees:
There is a $40 late fee for each monthly payment made after the 1st of each month.

Bank Draft:
The tuition fee must be paid by monthly bank draft. You may pay in 10 payments (August 1 through May 1).

Families who are interested in the bank draft program must complete and submit the necessary documentation. This documentation can be obtained from the CA High School Office.

Payment can be drafted from a checking or a savings account. You will need to bring a voided check or savings account number with you. Bank drafts will be drafted on the 1st of each month.

The penalty for a rejected bank draft is $50.00 – no exceptions.

A new bank draft agreement must be completed annually.