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The Central Academy News Feed contains news pertaining to the school and students, letters and other documents for distribution. It does not contain information on events.


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The Central Academy Events Feed contains news pertaining to events and schedules. It is information taken directly from our Calendar page.


About RSS:

RSS is a simple and popular way to keep informed of news and events from an organizaiton. Organizations publish new information to an RSS file which, is updated immediately on the internet. If you have feed reader software that is subscribed to the RSS feed, it continually checks the file for new information. This new info is automatically delivered to your computer when it is available.

RSS Software:

Most new internet browsers have RSS subscription capabilities built into them (Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari). These typically add the new news information to the bookmarks or favorites list as a new link. Most Email clients also have it built in. They allow you to read the new information as a new email (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird). Information on how to use these features can be found on their respective websites or their help menus. Seperate, standalone RSS reader software is also available.

What is ICAL?

ICAL is short for "Internet Calendar." It is a calendar of events stored and updated on the internet. If you have a calendar program which is ICAL compatible, you can subscribe to an ICAL link and the events are automatically added to your calendar and automatically updated on your calendar when the link manager updates the calendar. Central Academy's calendar events are stored in ICAL format. See the Calendar page to subscribe. Some programs which use ICAL are; ICAL (Mac), Microsoft Outlook 2007, Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning (free), Google Calendar (free). Many mobile phones are also compatible with ICAL.