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Especially in warmer climates, termites are a constant threat even to the most skillfully crafted wood structures. If you're choosing wood for its termite resistance, look for heartwood grade lumber. Offering the beauty of natural wood at a lower cost, composite lumber is popular for use in decks, furniture, and siding.

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The decision to phase CCA-treated wood for residential structures has people asking what to do with existing structures made of this material. The EPA does not suggest tearing down Plastic and wood composite lumber needs no maintenance or sealing and does not rot, chip or warp. It is also impervious to insects

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May 4, 2005 Chemical treatments of wood with chromated copper arsenate and borate have been effective against the termites. Structural lumber and plywood can be successfully pressure-treated with these chemicals, and both are widely used in Louisiana. Structural composite panels, such as oriented strandboard

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Mar 19, 2013 Termites are always a threat to wooden decks, and homeowners must be vigilant about always checking their decks and other wooden structures for signs of termite damage. Homeowners with a composite deck can rest easy, at least as far as termites are concerned. The little wood chompers won't go

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Sep 28, 2017 Pre-treated wood is often considered to be less stable, however, as it tends to warp and crack over time. Thus, routine staining and power-washing is required in order to ensure structural integrity over time. Check out Holder's termite inspection program for more details, or contact us today if you are facing a

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LVL has also been used as distribution and transmission cross arms in utility structure box shaped roadway sign posts, and as truck bed decking with hardwood face veneers. LVL can easily be cut to length at the jobsite. The fastening and connection details and requirements are similar to those of solid sawn lumber.